BTCLotto Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

Firstly you must buy tickets! For that you need select how many tickets you want to buy and decide where your prize will go if you win the lotto: your BTC Address or XAPO email. After payment is received, you just need wait the results and see if you won.

Is it provably fair?

Yep! Before you buy tickets, you can see the Game Hash. The Game Hash is a SHA256 string composed by the game secret code and the winner numbers. When the game ends we share the winner numbers and the game secret, so you can check if it's correct with the hash! This is the PHP function to check it: hash('sha256', $game_secret."-".$winner_numbers). Remember that the $winner_numbers is a string with the winner numbers in the asc order of the positions, separed by commas with no spaces.

When the Prizes are sent?

We send the Prizes right after the end of the game.

When the game ends?

It ends when the last number is sold and the payment is confirmed.

Why there is numbers waiting payment?

When someone buy tickets, we wait up to 60 minutes for the payment. While that, the numbers remain on hold so no one can buy the same numbers.

What are your fees?

We charge 0.0002 BTC when you buy tickets - it's miner's transaction fees - and 0.001 BTC on each game's accumulated value.

Can I send my payment with very low fees?

If you send your payment with very low fees and it doesn't get confirmed in 60 minutes, your order will be lost and you won't receive your tickets.

How many transaction confirmations you wait to confirm my payment?

We wait for 1 transaction confirmation before confirm your payment.

What is your refund policy?

Sorry, but we don't send refunds!

Any other questions?

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